3 Key Things To Help In Discovering Your Unique Life Purpose…

Does everyone really have a unique life purpose?

If you are anything like me, this is a BIG question that you've asked at various stages of your life. Yet unfortunately, a great proportion of us never truly discover what our purpose is on this side of eternity so end up giving up or settling for less.

In an attempt to obtain a 'safe' and 'secure' income or lifestyle, I as well as many others have suppressed our true inner desires or ignored our dreams…

After speaking to many of my friends/colleagues, I realised that oftentimes the fear of doing nothing often leads us to doing 'anything' even if it's something we HATE.

This isn't all negative as finding a job or something productive to do can have its benefits for a season e.g. the opportunity to develop skills, learn about what you enjoy/don't enjoy and let’s be honest, a bit of cash in the savings account is always an added bonus!

The hope is that after trying your hand at a few things, researching, exploring and speaking to people (networking) etc you’ll find the ‘ONE’.. or if you're blessed you'll hit the jackpot the first time!

So how do I go about discovering my 'purpose'?

  • So let's first start by defining purpose.

The dictionary definition is as follows: Purpose (noun) - the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc

Purpose is so much more than a job or a career, purpose is where strengths, personality and desires align.

As human beings we are multifaceted creatures and for that reason I would argue we can each have multiple purposes, some unique to us and some more generic/applicable to all e.g. be happy, love God and love one another etc.

  • But why should I care?

Ultimately, in order to live a happy and fulfilling life I believe we need to live in alignment with our unique God given designs and find what many people like to call our 'WHY', as he who has a why can endure any 'how'.

Purpose is where strengths, personality and desires align
— Zoë Amara

So now that we have defined purpose and explained it's importance, how do we actually figure out what our unique life purpose is?

  • 3 things that help in discovering your purpose:

  1. Understand your personality;

  2. Identify your strengths;

  3. Outline your desires (interests, values or passions).

I will be going into more detail on these three key elements in upcoming posts. Remember to subscribe to the newsletter for future blog post alerts :)

Love and blessings,

Zoë Amara x 

Please join the conversation: Do you believe everyone has a purpose(s)and do you know what yours is/are?